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Thrilling art fest in the park

This is mental scrapbook for my art. You're welcome to join.

Artist Elin Parmhed at Konst i det gröna.

"Konst i det gröna" or "Art in the green" in the city of Luleå, Sweden, has been a tradition since 1976. I'm still rather new to this northern town and it was only last summer that I first got to visit this artshow/artfair. I knew I wanted to be there myself, showcasing my own stuff!

And so I did this year.

The artwork I brought was all new so it was so much fun to hear what people had to say.

It was an energy boost to be there. Just to see my art in another environment was so refreshing, as well as looking at other people's creations.

This was my first artshow. It was nice to have 70+ other artists there. Though next time I'm up for going bigger and doing a solo show. I have ideas for 3 by 2 meter big pieces. They're going to need some space.

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